Inspired by my experience working as a legal researcher for the New Mexico Attorney General’s Office, work that often took me inside the Penitentiary of New Mexico, I began writing a novel that I hoped would have series potential. Two major book deals later—featuring forensic psychologist Dr. Sylvia Strange—I wrote the fifth novel in the series, DARK ALCHEMY.

After that, I took a hiatus from the darkest of subjects to focus on family, the challenges of parenting, and the joys of raising my daughter, Pearl. She was just shy of her 6th birthday when I got the call from my agent asking if I would be interested in meeting with Valerie Plame Wilson. The resulting collaboration with Valerie took several years to get fully airborne and now BLOWBACK is out in paperback and the next book, BURNED is just released in hardcover (October, 2014/Blue Rider Press) in what we hope will be a long-lived series featuring Vanessa Pierson, CIA covert operative.

For me, writing novels fulfills two essential needs—my hunger to absorb and process new information about the world, and my curiosity with regard to human nature, especially the volatile interaction of desire and choices made in pursuit of said desire, and the resulting (often astounding) actions and outcomes.

Sarah Lovett and Valerie Plame collaborate to produce Burned, the second in a series of contemporary international thrillers.
A string of unsolved deaths in research laboratories throughout the world has led the FBI to a single suspect: Dr. Christine Palmer. A beautiful, world-renowned toxicologist and leader of numerous international research teams, she is one of only a handful of scientists with highly classified knowledge of the deadliest experimental neurotoxins and their antidotes.

Amazon ebook available November 2014
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