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Dr. Sylvia Strange, the forensic psychologist at the heart of Sarah Lovett’s best-selling series of crime thrillers, returns for a fourth outing in DANTES’ INFERNO (Simon & Schuster; April 2001). This time, Dr. Strange leaves behind her familiar New Mexico terrain for the blistering urban turmoil of Los Angeles, as a serial bomber threatens to destroy that beleaguered city.

At the stunning new Getty Museum, perched high above the city’s tony westside, a bomb hidden beneath a stairwell kills a teacher and a ten-year-old boy when it detonates during a school field trip. Quite by chance, the victim is the nephew of Edmond Sweetheart, the brilliant psycholinguistic profiler who has reined in more than one serial killer. With a personal vengeance, Sweetheart delivers the circumstantial evidence that points to John Dantes, an avowed anarchist with a history of targeting public works with his bombs.

A year later, with Dantes convicted of the crime, Sylvia Strange is summoned to Los Angeles by her colleague, Dr. Leo Carreras, to administer psychological tests on the incarcerated madman. Dantes, who maintains he is innocent of the Getty bombing, can hold his own against the rigors of Sylvia s psychological inquiry. As he plays his own mind games with her he knows things about her past that she d rather forget Dantes plants more than a seed of doubt in Sylvia s appraisal of his guilt. But if Dantes did not plant the deadly bomb at the Getty, who did?

The answer soon surfaces, as a copycat bomber lays claims to an alleged bomb at City Hall. Sylvia, anxious to return to the relative tranquility of Santa Fe, is nonetheless swept into the vortex of the investigation. Working alongside Sweetheart, as well as the FBI and LAPD, she reluctantly takes on the role as M s main contact. Guided by Dantes and his vision of L.A. s imminent destruction, Sylvia is thrust into more than one life-threatening scenario. As M leads her through a modern version of the nine rings of hell, she quite literally finds herself in the city s subterranean underbelly, working against the clock to discover M s identity before it is too late.

Praised by fans and critics alike for her tense and absorbing (Publishers Weekly) novels, Sarah Lovett once again delivers the goods with a clever page-turner that accurately draws on forensic details and expertly delves into the psyches of serial bombers. As incendiary as its title suggests, DANTES INFERNO taps into our collective fears, fueled by contemporary headlines of terrorism and random acts of destruction, and reveals why Lovett can claim an ever growing number of fans among discerning readers of suspense.

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VALERIE PLAME WILSON, former CIA covert operative on the “Vanessa Pierson Espionage Series” books, BLOWBACK & BURNED and Sarah:
“My co-author is the wonderful and talented Sarah Lovett, successful author of the thriller series featuring Dr. Sylvia Strange. She has been a delight to work with and I feel fortunate to call her a friend.”
"For mystery readers who yearn for clever plot, real characters, tense suspense, and, best of all, literate writing, here comes Sarah Lovett."
--Tony Hillerman

"Warning: Don't start this book if you ve got plans for the next day or so. I guarantee you'll cancel them to stay home and keep reading. DANTES INFERNO has everything readers crave: a full-throttle plot, top-notch psychological suspense and as always with author Lovett gorgeous prose. And, to top it off, the book features one of my all-time favorite characters, Dr. Sylvia Strange. Welcome back, doctor. Good to see you again!"
--Jeffery Deaver, author of The Blue Nowhere and Speaking Tongues

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